Doctor Recommended Penis Enlargement Pills

Male enhancement is a huge market with loads of products. There is no dearth of products that claim to add inches to your male sexual organ within a period of 2 weeks and what makes things difficult for you is that a majority of these products are not only useless and a waste of money but can also be damaging to your penile health. Searching for Testogen Supplement Reviews

Pills are by far the most popular product for male enhancement. Though a lot of men do not believe that they can add size to the male genitalia, they use them for treating other sexual disorders that include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and enhancing semen production.

However, some natural tablets are of extremely good quality and can be used along with a natural male enhancement technique like exercises or a traction device to provide real size increment. They can be a real and effective method of increasing blood flow to the penile region which is extremely crucial for firm and rock hard erections. Moreover, some natural formulations include complementary access to exercise programs to give you the dual benefit. These exercise programs outline exercise called Jelqs which are for size increment and Kegels which are for increasing the staying power so that you can prolong ejaculation and enhance sexual pleasure for both yourself and your partner. The role of Jelqs in size increment has been documented by Dr. Brian Richards who conducted a study in 1970’s.

The best male enhancement tablets are the ones that are completely natural and comprise of herbal extracts of age proven aphrodisiacs like ginseng, ginkgo, muira pauma, catuaba, hawthorn etc which are an effective means of enhancing male libido. Moreover, they should not include extracts of yohimbe which has been banned by the FDA since it interferes with your cardiovascular system.